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Elevate Your Voice

Tired of Struggling With Those Notes & Not Getting The WORK YOU Desire? Live Online

 Ignite Your Stardom: Unleash Secrets of Great Performers
With Our Proven Vocal Mastery Program!

Sheet Music

Get Started With An AMAZING
Voice Session -

 Universal Styles
  Audience Retention
     Capture Fans
     Work With Recording Artist
          Work With Known Producers


Only Ten Weeks

Depending on your goals and level of vocal ability various programs are available from beginners to seasoned professionals.

  • Guided to musical destination

  • Ignite Your Voice, Unleash Potential

  • Transcend singing and performance

  • Tailored coaching for unique styles

  • Singing with personalized lessons

  • Amplify your journey

  • Expertise and global success stories

  • Age doesn't matter, good for health

  • Increase magnetic stage presence

  • Turn embarrassing moments into joyful surprises

The One And Only

To  have the  international  producer  on your  team can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, seize the moment and build your brand.

Your Hit Producers Hits

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Your World
Your Stage
  • Global stardom odyssey

  • Network of contact

  • Unleash power, ignite stage

  • Create your dynamic community

  • Expert for five-star stages

  • International awareness

  • Live the dream, soar to success

  • Partnerships = Opportunities

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Warmup Session
  • Vocalization

  • Audience retention

  • Engaging vocal exercises

  • Impactful communication

  • Optimization of vocal tones

  • New skills for effectiveness

  • Mindset and mental aspects

  • Impact and comfort in communication

  • Maintenance session for goal achievers

  • Empowerment to navigate with confidence

Music Performance
Business Session
  • ​​Develope points of difference and parity

  • Warmup, strategizing goal achievement

  • Session for personal or professional growth

  • Cultivate an outstanding entertainer mindset

  • Aspirations, job types,  promotion, acquisition

  • Amplifies skills, mindset, performance approach

  • Presentation impact with instrument

Guitar player with long braided hair dressed in leather pants and leather jacket playing a rock style guitar .
The Accelerator Session
  • Video editing 

  • Content creation

  • YouTube strategies

  • Contract exploration

  • Social media content

  • Comprehensive package

  • Crafting magnetic personal brand

  • Music, International exposure concepts

  • Collaboration with Blast Off Talent team


Since you have come this far to the VIP package, the best way to put this is, for example, if you gave someone a 20 year old car that didn't work well, and they gave you a brand new top-of-the-line car of your desire, would you consider that a bad, okay, or a good exchange? 

Musical Instruments

Grow Your Vision


Working with an accomplished group of professionals with

many years of combined success in business, entertainment,

music, production of hit recordings, and international

experience will elevate anyone. Blast Off Talent offers a

unique blend of creative - talented people who can help you

achieve your goals, gain a competitive edge without

struggling to do it alone and reach your destination faster.

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