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About Me.

About Me.


WHEN CREATING an audition video, depending on its purpose, it has been said that having six songs of different styles for 30 seconds each is the best way to present an audition video to busy companies. They may ask to see more of the work if they are interested after viewing the video. Here is a two-minute and 43-second audition video with five songs.

No Two Voices Are Alike

Tony Payne in a suit

"International contacts and partnerships are the age we live in now." Look at Apple and Amazon; they partner with app builders (App Store), Music Creators (iTunes), and share the revenue from the products sold on their platforms.

Some people think that Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer, but it was Steve Wozniak who created it, they partnered up. Look at Amazon; it started as a bookstore, partnered with other companies to sell their products, and partnered with regular folks like you and me to sell our products.

A list of qualifications

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where your ambitions become the focal point of our shared expertise. With a rich tapestry of experience woven through music, international employment, and business, we stand ready to guide you toward unparalleled success. Our journey is more than a collaboration; it's a fusion of your dreams with our proven insights.

In the ever-evolving landscapes of these dynamic fields, we've not only navigated the complexities but mastered the art of turning challenges into triumphs. We offer you more than just advice – we provide a roadmap sculpted by the lessons learned from others and years of diverse, invaluable experiences.

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