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My Coaches

Thanks to my coaches, Martin Lawrence in New York and Seth Riggs in Los Angeles, they saved my voice.


You can buy an online course. However, there is no one is there to help you adjust and keep you from falling into bad vocal habits. So, now you have a monthly subscription for videos you may only watch occasionally. One year to dilly-dally when you could have finished in eight to ten weeks. 


Accomplished professional with 20+ years of success in strategic marketing, communication, client relationship management, and partnership strategy. Expertise in managing complex projects and driving bottom-line impacts.

We consistently drive business success through strategic marketing, effective communication, and partnership management across diverse industries. Excels at executing complex projects from start to finish, providing cradle-to-grave management, and achieving bottom-line impacts aligned with emergent business strategies.

As an accomplished professional in the entertainment industry with experience creating strategic marketing and partnership initiatives that drive business success, he also possesses expertise in project management and can oversee complex projects, consistently delivering bottom-line impacts. Vocal coaching

with 15+ years of international experience, Anthony offers a unique blend of creative and management talents that can help organizations achieve their goals, surmount challenges, and gain a competitive edge, from premier hotels, cruise ships, and land-based business operations assisting artist achieve milestones..


B2B & B2C Marketing | Public Relations | Marketing Analysis | Client Relationship Management | Coaching & Training | Strategic Planning | External Communication | Copywriting | Business Development | Operational Management​


• Recognized media figures across diverse business sectors.
• Motivational speaker at global events for entrepreneurs.
• Customized training programs for enhanced performance.


Financial Funding Company (Overseas)
• Talk show host and contributor to film production.
• Generated revenue growth through market research and lead generation. Founder/Owner of
• Partnered with premier Las Vegas hotels to enhance guest experiences.

• Implemented talent management and training programs for excellence in service delivery.

Hotel Industry, Las Vegas & Worldwide | 2000-2008 driving outstanding guest experiences.

Being proficient in talent management, employee relations, and training and development.



Bachelor of Arts -West Virginia University
MBA Columbia Southern University - Focus: Marketing

(B2B & B2C) ~ (3.5 GPA)


Berklee School of Music

Berklee School of Music | Certified Music Specialist Skillsets

Digital Marketing, Piano Improve, Ableton Live, Book Published, Song Writing, Show Creation – Film

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