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Hello, Tony here,

Professional Experience
I served as a talk show host for a radio station and contributed to film production efforts.

• Proficient in singing, playing the piano, songwriting, and vocal coaching across various genres, including country, jazz, pop, classical, and contemporary music.
• Ability to tailor performances to suit the ambiance and preferences of diverse audiences.
• Strong stage presence and charisma to engage and interact with guests, enhancing their overall experience.
• Extensive repertoire spanning classic standards, popular hits, and timeless favorites.
• Whether performing background music for dinner settings or lively music for energetic crowds, the right intention for the right place at the right time is the key to a successful evening entertaining discerning guests.

Value-Proposition Summary
Serves as a prominent media figure across multiple business sectors, representing an array of outlets and audiences.
Hosts a diverse range of events.
Mindful of the big picture.
Core Competencies
B2B & B2C Marketing | Public Client Relationship Management | Vocal Coach | External Communication | Audio Software | Video | Copy Writing

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