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Unlock Your Music Beast

TONY PAYNE of The World

Take Your Music Entertainment to The Next Level With Tony Payne and His Marketing Team. Contact
(702) 588-4276 Our Music Producer Creates Premium Music to Take Your Establishment to a Wider Audience.

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Your Voice With The Producer 

This seasoned producer has collaborated with numerous stars and celebrities showcased in this video. He and his team bring a unique touch to your style, enhancing its appeal.
Picture your style gaining global attention to boost your brand and audience. By blending styles with our proven marketing and hit-making techniques,


Singer and Piano Player Tony Payne

• Creates a vibrant atmosphere by blending a mix of jazz standards, pop ballads, and upbeat dance numbers
• Engages with guests, taking music requests and accommodating special dedications to personalize the experience
Collaborates with event planners and venue staff to ensure seamless coordination and client satisfaction, creating distinctive sound and visuals that reach a wider audience and stand out in the crowd.
Together, we will elevate your material, expanding its reach and recognition through strategic marketing and distribution channels. Let us collaborate to craft an experience that resonates globally, unlocking endless opportunities and connections for the future.

Song List

As a certified teacher in Nevada, music writer, reader, and vocal coach, I work with many styles and genres of songs. Thanks to modern technology, thousands of songs are easy to access. Presenting them all here would take up more than this webpage. Knowing what you and your guests enjoy listening to is necessary to get the show going.
Various styles fit all occasions, whether soft dinner music with romantic vocals, lively music to keep the guests awake, entertained, and on the dance floor, or solo piano with a Cinderella-style for the lobby. All the basses are covered.


"Thanks, Mikyle Jessen, for this gracious testimony. It is an honor to have worked with you
Tony Payne."

Live Online Vocal Production Coaching 

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Dynamic and versatile singer and piano player passionate about entertaining guests with captivating performances. Seeking opportunities to bring energy and joy to events through live music, creating memorable experiences for audiences.


The show has music and stage performances, international appeal, production quality, and a songwriter brand.
• Berklee School of Music: Piano Improv, Digital Marketing
• West Virginia: Bachelor’s Degree - Music Theory, Performance Techniques, and Music History
• Columbia Southern University: MBA Focus on Marketing B2B & B2C

Waldorf University: MBA Focus on Marketing

Eight years performing on Las Vegas Boulevard

  • MGM Hotel

  • Mirage Hotel 

  • Tropicana Hotel

  • Luxor Hotel

  • New York New York Hotel

  • Hilton Hotel

  • Sahara Hotel 

  • Four Seasons Hotel

  • Caesars Palace.

  • Performing Worldwide for 10+ years.

  • Peninsula Hotel

  • Intercontinental

  • Rotana Hotel

  • Island Shangri-La Hotel

  •  Renaissance Hotel.


Deeply accomplished professional with over 20 years of repeated success in creating bottom-line impacts through strategic marketing, communication, and client relationships.
✓ More than 11 years of international experience, offering an uncommon blend of creative talents, resourcefulness in interacting with international audiences and cultures, ingratiating the presence of everyone in the room, and a results-proven ability to apply new ideas, resourcefulness, and strategy to propel goals to the next level.
✓ Served as a growth catalyst for many organizations.

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